Don’t Give Up

It’s been a while since I sat down in front of my laptop and was actually productive for a few hours. If I had a pound for minute I spent procrastinating… Anyway! I’ve entitled this post don’t give up. I recently joined the gym so this is more a of an online note to myself, but also to anyone who is feeling a little bit demotivated, deflated or just needs a bit of a push, you know?!

Life after graduation has not been any easy than it was when I was still studying. Balancing relationships, friendships, work-life balance… it’s never an easy thing. But whatever you have set your mind up to, you must stick to it!

Before going on holiday to Tenerife, I joined the gym for a September start. I came back and I was ready to go ham. I was doing well for the first 2 weeks, going 3 times a week and slowly changing my diet but it’s getting difficult. I must remind myself that weight loss is not an easy task nor does it happen overnight. Patience is a virtue. You have to renew your mind every day and remember why you are going to the gym in the first place.

After consuming enough aspartame on holiday to fill a small paddling pool, I have slowly cut out fizzy drinks from my diet and replaced it with water or juice. I have replaced my chocolates and sweets with nuts and healthier crisps such as popchips and ohhhh my word, graze BBQ crunchy nuts are literally the best. It’s all about consuming things within moderation (something I really struggle with).

I won’t act like I don’t slip up. I mean, I’ve had my odd fair share of chicken and chips or KFC here and there lol but I’m posting this to reinforce that we are all humans. We have to live a little bit but make sure we don’t forget why we started a goal in the first place.

So if you’re reading this, don’t give up! You’ve got this.

My fitness journey so far however is going quite well. Who knows, in a few weeks I may begin to write about my progress.

Thanks for reading

Jen x


Travelling in Tenerife – Day 5,6,7&8

This is the final blog post of my trip to Tenerife! This post definitely should have been up last week but you know… life can sometimes just get in the way!

So the last few days in Tenerife was spent at Loro Parque and Siam Park and when I say… they were the best tourist attractions I have gone to ever! Loro Parque is a zoo that accommodates a diverse range of animals and plants. My favourite definitely had to be the Orca and Dolphin show. My siblings insisted that we sat in the splash zone area where you are prone to get the Orca’s splash water into the audience. Needless to say, we got soaked (thank God for rain jackets).

The day before heading back to London was spent at Siam Park. Now anyone that knows me, should know that I am such a wimp! I do not do roller coasters, I cannot stand being accelerated from 0-100 real quick. So this was a chance for me to just let my hair down and have some fun. It was so nice to be able to go to a water park and have such nice weather too. My favourite ride was definitely the ride called ‘lazy river’… lol I’m sure you can tell why.

I really enjoyed Tenerife. So much that I’ve become extremely tanned (my foundation is too light for my face now -_- ) but it was a nice change of scenery and if I achieve my goals this year… who knows where I’ll be off to next year!






Travelling in Tenerife: Day 3 & 4

Day 3: Monday 21.08.17 

So today is a ‘find-out-where-the-hell-everything-is’ kinda day. The weather is so beautiful. I could really get used to this life. I still have that mentality that I need some sort of overthrow because of how indecisive English weather can be, but I’m reminded real quick as soon as I step out! 

We head to a local breakfast bar in the morning and are hit with a language barrier that made ordering a bit more trickier. To be fair, I’m glad I’m not staying in a tourist area because it feels like a real change of environment. It did however, make me wish I could remember all the Spanish I learnt from year 7-11 lol. I have to applaud the tourists who come to the UK and manage to have a basic level of English because they really do try! It ain’t easy out here. I order a chicken baguette because there was barely breakfast on the menu. I just about got through 3/4 before giving up. There’s something about the chicken out here that just doesn’t sit right with me. The guava smoothie I did get however, that was really nice. 

After walking around the area, we soon discover a supermarket and buy goods for the house for dinner. 

In the evening, we head out to a restaurant in town. Complimentary baguette and butter was provided and my gosh… that was probably the best thing I’ve eaten out here :(. I ordered a lasagna because I’m getting real tired of the bland tasting chicken out here. It was a solid 2.5/5. Too much cheese in my opinion and as you can see in the pic, a lot of burnt cheese too. 

For dessert, a quesedillo. I think this is some sort of a Spanish flan? Nonetheless, it tasted really nice. 

Day 4: Tuesday 22.08.17

I have completely lost my appetite for chicken. Boy is the food here bland. If it wasn’t for my dads cooking in the evenings in our villa… I don’t think I would make it. It just tastes like no love went into the preparation and cooking of it. 

Tuesday is a very chilled day. We head back into the town of San Insidro to find out more about local transport, because one thing about this place is the costs of taxis are insane. We head back to the same restaurant where we got the lasagna. I opted for a chicken breast fillet with chips and salad (and that chicken right there yeah…?! That was the last straw for me), followed by another flan. 

On Wednesday, we head to Lord Parque – an award winning attraction so hopefully, I will be able to get decent meal there and stop complaining about chicken lol. 

Travelling in Tenerife: Day 1 & 2 

Day 1: Saturday 19.08.17
So the day has finally arrived. I’m headed to Tenerife, Canary Islands with my dads side of the family. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit excited. It’s a well deserved break especially after graduating from University. The last time I flew out was in 2011 to Ghana with my mothers side of the family. A whole 6 years ago you know?! BRUH. 

After all that excitement, Tenerife almost didn’t even happen. After 2 hours and 2 car accidents, the traffic on the motorway to Gatwick airport was proving to be an absolute disaster. It was almost like we was reenacting the film ‘Are We There Yet’ with my brothers continuously asking “When are we going to be at the airport?” 

Several miles later, we finally got to the check in point only to be told our gate had closed. I remember vividly seeing the sheer and utter disappointment on my dads face. He literally hung his face down like is this really happening… 

It was only God at that point. I don’t talk about positive mindsets for no reason people! I literally kept saying to my family that by God’s grace, we would make it on the plane. I kept rehearsing to my family to be positive. The lady could tell we had been rushing and hearing that news was like a slap to the face. We had ran out of breath running from my uncles car to the check in point. Her supervisor then decided to reopen the gate for us and from there the rest was history. We ran all the way to the departure gate and still got to the final boarding gate only to meet a queue of people still waiting to get on the plane. Yes, I really had to roll my eyes at this point. So you really mean to tell me I ran all that way and the staff were going to act like we would be holding up the plane for everyone else? GIRL BYE. 

Fast forward to approximately 7:30pm, we arrive in Tenerife. There wasn’t that much to do as we are not staying in a resort but rather a residential area so luckily, we live a 1 minute walking distance from a mini market. We bought food and had some dinner (grilled chicken, chips and a salad).

Day 2: Sunday 20.08.17

Courtesy of my lovely dad, we had breakfast – eggs, sausages, bacon and toast (no beans because the locals don’t really eat that out here). I feel like such a daddies girl at this point as my dad literally won’t let me help him cook or prepare/clear the table (not so lucky for my other siblings lol). We then headed off to a beach called Playa de las Americas. The views were absolutely unreal (minus all the obroni people who decided that everyone else wanted to see their breasts kmt). 

I, unfortunately, are one of those who conform to the common stereotype that black people can’t swim. I decided that I would be better off trying to catch a tan in the sun. It was great to see my family enjoying themselves in the sea. I was adamant that I would not be seen dead in the sea. A few hours later was I not in that very same sea, knees deep with my shorts lol. 

We spent several hours at the beach. It was a breath of fresh air. A day out I desperately needed away from all my troubles and worries. Why can’t England just be nice and hot with a decent breeze? That’s all I ask for! 

A nice chilled Koppaberg by the sea whilst laying catching the sun. I don’t think I could ask for much more than that. 

30 day blogging challenge – Day 30 – Hopes For Your Blog

I’ve already spoken about this in a previous post, but I hope that my blog will grow and I will be able to interact with many people. It is still relatively new and I’m still finding my way on what to write about and my style, but I’m sure with time I will get there.

Thank you to all the people who have been following my blogging challenge, reading, liking and commenting on my posts. It is much appreciated.


30 day blogging challenge – Day 28 – Most Embarrassing Moment

Isn’t it annoying when you try to think of an embarrassing moment but you can’t think of one, then randomly one will occur to you when you’re just relaxing?!

Ah, and a few minutes later, I’ve remembered one.

So I was in a club… waved (tipsy for those who are not familiar with the lingo) and for some reason (only God knows why) I decided that I would be a ballerina and spin around whilst dancing (yes I think I was very tipsy).

Before I knew it, I was on the floor. I had fallen onto another girl who literally looked at me like WTF?

Lol I am cringing so harddddd right now!

I really felt like I was in my own world. But it’s fine, because I barely knew anyone or saw familiar faces so I think I’m good…

That was the last time I decided to go to an ‘oyinbo/obroni’ rave.