30 day blogging challenge – Day 1 – My Blog Name 

Hi Everyone. Welcome to my blog if you’re new :). I’m Jen and in a bid to blog more often I will be going through a 30 day blogging challenge. 

This first post is all about the name of my blog. I entitled my blog “lolliesandserenity” because I felt it best described everything about me. Those who know me know I am definitely someone who is sweet, caring about those around me and very calm. I have never been the type to want to cause trouble and I hate being in the middle of conflict. It’s almost like I just give up when I’m in an argument because I really dislike confrontation! It was really hard to think of a blog name but once it came to mind,  I felt it represented everything I am about. 

My blog is an extension of my personality – just written in the form of a blog. I haven’t quite figured out the structure to my blog, so I blog whatever is relevant and on my mind.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to leave a comment, let me know how you got your blog name? 


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