Positive Vibes Only

How do you remain positive when it feels like nothing is going right? How do you think positive when it seems like the people around you are constantly filled with worry and despair?

I’m touching on the topic of positvity today. It is sooo important to remain positive in everything that you do. Being negative can bring nothing good and only hinders you from your full potential. I believe that in order to attract good things in to your life, you need to speak things into existence and have a positive mindset.

I’ve just graduated and I am now looking for a permanent role in my desired career. I may not have found it yet, but I remain positive every day that an opportunity will arise that will utilize all my current skills. Don’t be a negative Nancy (or a negative Nelson if you’re a male lol) when things don’t go your way. Sometimes the things that you want, might not be necessary for you at the time and something bigger and better is coming your way.

I once worked as a sales advisor in a phone shop and my gosh, did I use to be very negative (in the beginning) to the idea of having to be persuasive to meet my sale targets. I loved the perks and industry of the job but I was very scared of rejection and hearing the word ‘No, I don’t want that.’ But I soon learnt that, that mindset would not help things. I began to think positive and tell myself that if I did not at least try to convince people why a particular mobile phone contract would suit them, then I wouldn’t make any sales.. or meet my targets.. and what good is that when your job is a sales advisor?!

Trying hard to remain positive can make your days better, increase your happiness and lead to better outcomes.

So chin up darling, smile and remain positive.



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