Why “couple goals” is a trash term 

So I just wanted to put my two pence on the topic of why the term “couple goals” is literally… like literally a trash term.

I’m all for positivity and giving credit where it’s due. But lately, in fact scrap that, for a long time I’ve been seeing all over social media “couple goals.” Now at first I thought okay, it’s nice for people to be inspired by others.. but actually wanting your relationship to be like another persons because it looks good on the outside? Now that is beyond me.

I googled “couple goals” and I was quite surprised with the search results. One said that couple goals is “a perfect couple. Things that a couple do, that others admire and aspire to achieve.”

The thing about social media that most people don’t seem to grasp is people only show you want they want you to see. So the holiday blogs and vlogs, the flipagrams, the Instagram posts, the snapchats, the twitter posts.. people strive for perfection. Now we all do this to a certain extent. I mean let’s face it, we’d rather post a pic with a snapchat dog filter or an Instagram filter to make us look better than we normally do. And there’s nothing wrong with it when you appreciate yourself for who you really are and you and you are comfortable within your own skin.

The problem we have in society is praising people.. for doing things they should already be doing! Why are we celebrating and rejoicing when a man is treating her woman good? When a man is faithful? When a man sticks around when his Mrs is pregnant with his child? Why are we so content on clapping our hands loudly when a man is treating his girl like a queen? For so long, ladies have been praising the most common things.

“Look at how he looks at her”
“Look at what he bought her”
“Look at their baecation… goals!”

A well known “YouTube couple” broke up recently and I was actually dumbfounded at one of the comments I read. Someone actually commented

“If y’all broke up, I don’t believe in love anymore”

confused face.gif

Lol so because one couple broke up, it means you have to give up on love? As if to say breakups never happen!

Another thing I really do not get is why people are surprised when a couple break because things seemed fine on the outside? As sad as they are, break ups do happen. Not every relationship will work out for whatever reason and that is okay (in my opinion, its better to dodge a bullet than to stay in a unhappy relationship anyway.) People will always show you the good side rather than the bad.

It’s important to realise that you will only be treated how you let people treat you. Know your worth ladies! Stop settling for men who don’t treat you with respect and don’t appreciate you. But most of all, this idea of “couple goals” really needs to find its way to the door. We glamourise relationships too much these days and I really believe its an unhealthy thing to do. If you are in a relationship, focus on making things work for you. Don’t aspire to be like a couple where you don’t even know what they are going through. The reality is people go through shit. But you won’t necessarily tell the world that would you? How do you know you not aspiring to be in a relationship where they have bad communication, yet things look perfect via social media?

No one is perfect, we don’t have it all together. And do you know what? There is nothing wrong with that. So let’s try to stop glamourising people’s relationships and start to focus on ourselves and making our relationships work the best they can – for us!

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