I woke up this morning, thanking God for another day of life and another chance to establish myself on this earth and I thought about the topic of patience and felt compelled to write about it today. Now that I have finished University, there have been periods of time where I’ve wanted my career to take off asap. I’ve wanted to look the part, not the wrong reasons, but to prove to myself that University was worth it. I’ve seen people around me already having landed graduate roles and what not enjoying the post-grad life, but I have to remember that my own time will come. It is not a race, nor a competition. It’s a solo journey, that I have to take and it is only patience, that will allow me to overcome this season. A blog post I wrote a while ago linked below coincides with this post heavily. Check it out if you wish…

If you are from London or a busy city, you will know that the city life has no mercy for those who take their time walking. In London, walk like you have no where to be? My friend, you will get overtaken swiftly. It’s actually funny to witness, being on the underground (the train system in London for those not familiar) and seeing grown men and women with their half put together outfits – a suit/formal clothing and the most unappealing, run down trainers to allow them to walk even faster.

We now live in a world where technology has made things occur faster. Before we actually had to leave our houses if wanted something. But now, it takes a few clicks and the food you was craving for or the dress you needed desperately will show up by your door step.

Patience is a type of self-control that can help you to flourish. It can be difficult because in this day and age people are always rushing to be somewhere, to get a new job or move higher in position in order to be more successful. People want things now, but are we willing to put in the investment and the time? Are we willing to experience the constant fatigue and things not working out? Patience builds character. It allows you to see things for what they really are.

These days, our minds are so clouded by the standards set by society into what makes you successful. We see all over social media people posting pictures of materialistic things, cars, designer purchases, eating out in top restaurants constantly. But the real question, is how do YOU define success? Success does not have to be materialistic. It does not have to be about how much money you can earn, or how much property you can have in your name. When you are long gone from this planet, what mark will you leave behind? What can you contribute to society to make it better?

Sometimes we need to slow down, see things for what they really are, have to time to think, reflect and take action.

Be patient. Your time will come.


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